Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Best Ship of All is Friendship

Well it's been a while since I posted any of my cards. I forgot my BFF follows my blog so she saw her birthday card online before she received it in the mail. Duh for me. I'll forget again though. 

This was my first full time semester and the most challenging yet, 13 credits. As long as I get all my classes I anticipate to graduate with my bachelor's degree this time next year. I couldn't be more proud! 

Anyway, this semester I was a teaching assistant for a former professor of mine, Carl. (By far my favorite one too) He has many contacts and had several industry professionals come to speak to his Intro to Hospitality classes. One of the perks of being a TA is getting to have lunch with the guests and networking. This semester Carl brought in Laurie Bohn, AKA "The Pink Lady". She is the Associate Vice President, National Accounts for Royal Caribbean International. She was so vivacious and knowledgeable. I asked for her business card as I usually like to send our guests a thank you note. When I do send a note I like it to relate to the guest. So with that said, here is the card I sent to Laurie.

Laurie came to school in October and she had been traveling for business for close to two months before she got back to her office. On top of her stack of mail was my card. She loved it and said she took it around the whole office to show off my work. (insert warm fuzzies) We have continued to keep in touch too!

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