Friday, April 4, 2014

SVG Cutting Files PURPLE Monthly Challenge - Card #2

I found this file in the SVG Cutting Files store and thought I might use it some day. Someone special in my life is expecting child #2 but has not announced it to the world, hence my discreteness. I'm waiting for my BFF to tell me she's pregnant with her #2 also....but I haven't heard from her lately...hmmmm. I digress, I am elated for her. Made this out of purple paper not even thinking about the PURPLE challenge, so I'm submitting my second project! Yippee! Come back soon for more projects! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Have a GROOVY Birthday!

I was surfing for free cut files the other day and came across this cute VW Bus. My friend Denise's birthday is tomorrow so her card will be late. I did red polka dots because it reminded me of Minnie Mouse's dress and she's a HUGE Disney fan! I rushed myself so much I forgot to sign the card and I wanted to add Mickey ears to the VW circle. C'est la vie! Have a Disney Day! Thx, Jen