Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Belated New Year!

Well hello there and happy 2017! I've been out of commission the first two weeks of the new year due to a severe case of bronchitis. This past Tuesday was my first day back to work and I'm not quite 100%, more like 93% better. My daughter asked me to make her a "simple" Christmas card for her dad, it's a belated gift card. :P It was nice to get back in the creative flow, my dad left for Portland for work for a month so I can craft all I want when I want! Can I get an AMEN? 

Recipe: Yeti File from Silhouette Store - Artist Jennifer Rush

I also whipped up a birthday card for a co-worker, but didn't have time to set it up and photograph properly. This guy just makes me giggle!

Recipe: Hula Hooping Dino from Dino-Mite Cut Set at Lettering Delights

Thanks for stoppin' by! Stay tuned for more fun stuff!

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